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I Want My Dream Wedding

Wedding planning site with crowd-funding capabilities. Friends and familiy can help the bride and groom pay for their dream wedding and earmark money towards specific wedding budgets. This site replaces the major pain point of a wedding binder with sections for budgeting, planning and organizing the wedding party. The wedding planner would be shown targeted content to help them make important wedding decisions and generate advertisement income.

Ploonky  Contribution

This client had a concrete business plan, detailed mockups and provided their own design work. Ploonky served several functions including the Ruby on Rails server-side code, frontend javascript and helped implement HTML and CSS for Photoshop PSDs. We came up with several helpful cost saving suggestions including Stripe payment integration, use of the Carrierwave image upload Ruby Gem and CanCan authorization Ruby Gem.


"Ploonky was able to understand our vision and make it a reality."

-Joe M.